BNB Factory

Utilization of 1 tonne of eLM Zero in 10 m3 of ready-mixed concrete

Removal of 2.5 tonnes of carbon from the environment

Client: Beton und Naturstein Babelsberg GmbH

Date: Winter 2024

Location: Potsdam, Germany

Following successful projects in precast concrete, our partner BNB has integrated eLM Zero in ready-mixed concrete to pave the factory entrance. eLM Zero is integrated into the concrete mixture to reduce the carbon footprint associated with their pathway construction.

In this project, approximately 1 tonne of eLM Zero is utilized for roughly 10 cubic meters of concrete, removing of around 3 tonnes of CO2 from the environment. This initiative demonstrates BNB’s commitment to sustainability and underscores with their ongoing efforts to adopt eco-friendly practices across their products and operations.