eLM Zero

eLM Zero is an admix material that reduces the net carbon footprint of concrete by up to 100% while delivering optimized mechanical performance. It partially substitutes conventional inputs like cement and aggregates based on our customized recipes, minimizing carbon footprint and maximizing functionality.

Areas of Application:

eLM Zero is designed to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of concrete products. These include a wide range of ready-mix concrete and precast items such as pavers, concrete slabs, street furniture, stairs, interior and roof tiles, wall panels, façades, and design elements. The integration is simple and happens directly at the concrete plant or construction site.


Available formats:

Powder, in 15 kg sacks and 400 kg big bags

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  • Barrel: 200kg

Product datasheets

CO2 impact (EN/DE)

End of life treatment (EN/DE)

Quality control (EN/DE)

Quality control (EN/DE)


Our first commercial product. We have successfully produced carbon-neutral paving stones at multiple customer plants with a performance that meets the industry standard.

Precast elements

ecoLocked Materials® can be used to produce various precast elements right at the factory. We have already created multiple custom mix designs for our customers’ end applications.

Ready-mixed Concrete

Our product for RMC can be mixed on-site without any changes in the process. We already support any non-structural RMC applications.