We help YOU build with optimized climate-neutral materials.

ecoLocked Materials® are designed to reduce embodied carbon and turn buildings into carbon sinks.

What do we offer?

Our turnkey solution provides all the tools required for you to achieve your sustainability goals.

“Drop-in” admix materials

Easy to integrate, performance-optimized, and locally sourced materials that can be seamlessly added to different concrete-production processes

Mix design & Technical consulting

Expert consultation on material integration and concrete mix design development for climate impact and mechanical performance

Carbon management services

We provide support on Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) credits, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)


Discover more about our innovative biochar-based products.

Atmospheric Carbon Storage

Increased capacity to store atmospheric carbon, during initial curing and over the concrete’s lifetime

Weight reduction

Creating lightweight concrete while maintaining strength

Improved durability

Lower maintenance and longer building lifetimes thanks to resilience to, e.g., frost

Increased thermal insulation

Reduced need for other materials for thermal and noise insulation

Accelerated or delayed curing

Speed up the curing for precast concrete, slow it down for ready-mix concrete


A natural darker hue to the concrete without additional pigments


CO2 impact (EN/DE)

End of life treatment (EN/DE)

Quality control (EN/DE)


Our first commercial product. We have successfully produced carbon-neutral paving stones at multiple customer plants with a performance that meets the industry standard.

Precast elements

ecoLocked Materials® can be used to produce various precast elements right at the factory. We have already created multiple custom mix designs for our customers’ end applications.

Ready-mixed Concrete

Our product for RMC can be mixed on-site without any changes in the process. We already support any non-structural RMC applications.