Sitting Cubes

Utilization of eLM Zero in pre-cast concrete

Crafted by: Beton und Naturstein Babelsberg GmbH

Designed by: hochC Landschaftsarchitekten

Date: Summer 2023

Location: Berlin, Germany

The Kosmosviertel is located in the Treptow-Köpenick district in the southeast of Berlin. Lioba Lisser and her creative team at hochC Landschaftsarchitekten have employed a sustainable design approach, previously utilizing recycled concrete in collaboration with Beton und Naturstein Babelsberg GmbH (BNB) in this green public space.

In the summer of 2023, in developing other phases of this project, ecoLocked Materials® are being used for the first time in these concrete benches at a public space in the city of Berlin. eLM Zero is utilized in these seating cubes, expertly crafted by our pioneering partner, BNB, which store the atmospheric CO2.

Public practices like this serve as premier showcases for innovation in the construction sector. They confirm that utilizing innovative materials like eLM Zero, along with their environmental benefits, has no adverse effects on the properties of the material. Moreover, ecoLocked enhanced concrete performs just as effectively as traditional concrete, even under various weather conditions.

Architects, landscape architects, and real estate developers can have a significant impact on defining these projects and employing innovative solutions to remove carbon from the environment, turning buildings into carbon sinks.