The Barn Project

Utilization of 2 tonnes of eLM Zero in 30 m3 of ready-mixed concrete

Removal of 5.2 tonnes of CO2 from the environment

Carbon credits accessible on the Carbonfuture platform

Client: Nina Reicke

Date: Summer 2023

Location: Brandenburg, Germany

In the picturesque landscapes of Brandenburg, an aging barn has been thoughtfully repurposed into a contemporary family summer house with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The primary objective of this project was to repurpose the aged barn into a modern, energy-efficient family summer house while minimizing its environmental footprint.

ecoLocked utilized 30 cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete for the foundation slab, ensuring both structural integrity and ecological responsibility. By incorporating 2 tonnes of eLM Zero, ecoLocked contributes to the removal of 5.2 tonnes of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere, and storing it within the concrete structure.

Notably, the retirement of carbon credits associated with this initiative underscores our dedication to transparency, with these credits now accessible on the Carbonfuture platform, providing a transparent record of the project's contribution to carbon removal.